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Using Innovative Methods To Solve Family Law Problems

Many people associate divorce, asset division and child support disputes with adversarial trials that cost a great deal of money. Family law disputes do not have to go this way. Instead, you can work with The Law Office of Stephen J. Blaylock, Chtd, to find a solution to your problem through alternative dispute resolution.

For more than 40 years, our lawyers have served Kansas clients with a vast spectrum of issues relating to family law. As reputable litigators, we are more than capable of representing you at trial. However, we prioritize using creativity and persistence to find solutions to your troubles without resorting to litigation.

Trained In Family Law Mediation

Mediation involves each spouse and their attorneys sitting down with a neutral mediator to find mutually satisfactory solutions. Courts frequently order mediation before they will hear a trial. Mediation is nonbinding except with a mediation order. Attorney Stephen J. Blaylock is trained in mediation and can represent you in your sessions.

A Rare Attorney Who Practices Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a relatively new technique to use in the divorce process or in family law battles. It allows both parties to sit down with their counsel and discuss how to resolve contentious issues without a judge’s intervention. Stephen J. Blaylock is also one of the few attorneys in the Wichita area who is trained to practice collaborative law. Because he has considerable experience and skill with this method, he frequently trains other lawyers in how to use collaborative law.

Ask About Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

Are you interested in finalizing your divorce or another legal problem without having to go to trial? Consult The Law Office of Stephen J. Blaylock, Chtd, to learn whether alternative dispute resolution is right for you. To set up an initial consultation with one of our team members, please call us at 316-869-2424 or send us an email.